Coming From America: Our Trip To Kenya Day 1 July 09 2013, 0 Comments

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August The Great Getting Ready for our Trip to Kenya
Coming From America: Our Trip to Kenya Day 1 [caption id="attachment_868" align="aligncenter" width="608"]Coming From America: Our Trip to Kenya Day 1 Coming From America: Our Trip to Kenya Day 1[/caption]
Our Trip Started with August The Great making new friends at the ticketing counter in Phoenix
Coming From America: Our Trip to Kenya Day 1
First time on an Airplane, Flew out of Phoenix with August The Great, We flew with American Airlines on our Way to Los Angeles.
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Coming From America: Our Trip to Kenya Day 1
Soon as we landed, we were surprised by News Cameras all over the Los Angeles Airport. We asked them what was all the fuss and that's when we found out about the Airplane Crash in San Francisco. 2013-07-06 17.00.59 2013-07-06 18.19.25-1 Everywhere we went, August The Great made new friends. These are the Flight attendants who took great care of our flight from the US to Istanbul Turkey. Within an hour into the flight, an older Man had an Heart Attack and after an hour of these ladies helping to resuscitate him, He eventually ended up dying. It was sad because his wife was distraught so we gave her our seat on the plane. I commend the flight attendants for keeping the plane calm and not showing signs of weakness for the rest of the 12 hour flight. RIP to our Passenger. 2013-07-07 17.49.02 2013-07-07 08.13.29 2013-07-07 07.15.47 2013-07-06 21.00.19
After Reaching Istanbul, Our Next Journey was for Nairobi KENYA
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We Finally Made it to our Motherland of Kenya at 2:45am and it felt so refreshing
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August The Great got a chance to meet his Grandfather and Relaxed in Nairobi before heading towards the Village
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We spent our first night at the Hilton Hotel Nairobi to recover from our jetlag. Even as I post this, I have yet to fall asleep and it's 9:45am Nairobi Time and 11:45PM Phoenix Time
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We are now Here and it's just plain lovely and a breath of fresh air. From spending the day with family, I see that A lot of people are struggling and need our assistance. I gave 3 Women 1,000 Shillings each which is equivilent to about 25 dollars for their basic needs and food. Thank you to Alicia Wright for your Donation last week, I was able to give with a smiling heart and they appreciated the help. One of my cousins pulled me aside today and asked earnestly for even just $5 Dollars to assist him. The journey has just started and i'll be heading towards the countryside later on so I'm not sure when i'll be able to have internet next so please pass this post on, share it, and feel free to donate what you can. Thank You & God Bless

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