Blessed to be a Blessing June 25 2013, 0 Comments


Help Wanted: this is me asking for help so read & reply if you can assist.

My family & I are Headed to Kenya next Saturday July 6th on my Personal Mission Trip. We have collected over 100 boxes of used clothings to go be a blessing with. Elementary school kids from Utah heard our pleas and helped make this happen. We have a container coming to pick them up July 5th so all the help I need would be from Monday July 1st - wed July 3rd. I will work on the 4th but not expecting to take up your holiday time. The Help Needed: We need to go through all 100 boxes of Clothes and School supplies to re organize them by category so they can ship out. You would be helping us sort the clothes and you can use this opportunity to bring us your used clothings as well to send with us. If you can't help out physically, you can help out financially.. I'm usually proud on asking for help financially and usually handle things myself. The container will take 1 month to arrive by boat. I've already placed a $1,500 deposit and we will still need more than that by the time the container arrives in Kenya. I will have a donation button on our website so please use that and help us spread this message. $500, $100, $50 $20 however much is in your heart to give we will appreciate it. You can read up on our mission online as I will be posting frequently. My heart is racing as I type this because when you're trying to do something bigger than yourself a lot of doubt starts coming in. I don't know if anyone will look at this and help above and beyond. I don't know if doubters will look at this even more closely wanting to see me fail. Those are the thoughts but I already know that my Lord has already made it happen and I'm just walking out on my faith right now. I never knew my purpose when I left Kenya at 8 years old but I know that the past 25 years in the US has led to this very moment. Even if this trip is the last thing I do, i realize that God has kept me safe from harm my whole life for this beginning. Saved from almost getting shot 3 different times, my path to Arizona to learn and grow into the man I am, The events and parties I threw to show me that I can do even bigger things because i'm gifted to draw large groups together and can lead many towards a common goal. I meditate and pray daily that God will keep me focused on the mission because in my own strength I would have stopped trying a long time ago. I know that the God in me can do even bigger and greater things than I'm asking for right now and I'm just doing his will so that when it's all over, he can call me his good and faithful servant. This is only the beginning. I'm not super rich but for the mission at hand, God told me to do it as if the money didn't matter. So far I keep being amazed at how God keeps taking care of my needs even when it comes down to a 5 minutes after the last minute, my needs are covered. Your donations, time, support, Shirt Purchases and Upliftment in prayers are greatly welcomed. Thank You & God Bless