Fathers Day Weekend June 19 2013, 0 Comments

  20130619-170740.jpg This past weekend was my 2nd Fathers Day. Last year I was happy to be a brand new Father yet my son #AugustTheGreat was only 1 month old. This year I would say felt like a full official 1st Fathers Day :). My fraternity brother Andre started off the weekend early and invited us over his house on Saturday for BBQ and celebration with the kids. #AugustTheGreat enjoyed himself running back and forth through the house, screen door, everywhere. The following day we decided to throw a Fathers Day BBQ at my house and invited my frat brothers and their wives and children. I woke up early and set up my gazebo outside with my traditional African mud clothes and Kenyan flag. Set up the grill and when the fathers came through, the fun began. The boys were fighting all day.. Fun fighting for toys games. The wives had a wonderful time inside as well watching TV, listening to music, cooking and eating our BBQ but we love them so they enjoyed themselves as well. I have had the most wonderful year getting to see my son #AugustTheGreat grow. I thank God for guiding my steps this whole time and blessing us with our son during this season of life. I am even more ecstatic to continue growing as a father, husband and me. Thank you Lord for all the wise counsel you keep sending my way and already making a way for my family & I out of generational issues that my son will not have to go through. 20130619-170208.jpg 20130619-170318.jpg 20130619-170342.jpg 20130619-170355.jpg 20130619-170419.jpg 20130619-170432.jpg 20130619-170510.jpg 20130619-170548.jpg 20130619-170613.jpg 20130619-170626.jpg 20130619-170652.jpg 20130619-170712.jpg 20130619-170813.jpg 20130619-170843.jpg 20130619-170856.jpg 20130619-170937.jpg 20130619-170951.jpg 20130619-171035.jpg