Coming From America: Help Us Reach Our Goal For Kenya April 25 2013, 0 Comments

Short Summary My Name is Stan Otieno Ogwel. I was Born in Kenya and Moved to the United States at 8 years old. I remember quite a lot about my early childhood in Kenya but as i've grown i've missed it as well. I lived the American Dream (From an African Standpoint) I got to Play Baseball, Football, Went to the Prom, Went to College, Joined a Fraternity and Promoted lot's and lot's of Parties.. What I'm wanting to do with my campaign is to make a short documentary on the life i've lived out here and the life that I missed out there. I will be interviewing Americans and Africans around my age group to compare and contrast about the different timelines of our lives since I left Kenya. While doing that, I have a social project that I want to incorporate duriing my trip as well. I want to be a Blessing to a few people who I haven't even met yet. I need your help in order to make that happen. I am taking my wife with me for her 1st trip to Africa and i'm going to introduce my village to my Son, their 1st Luo member born in the United States. We have already collected used clothings to go and donate to young children at an orphanage and school. We will need the extra money to pay for the extra luggage that's "Coming From America". We also plan on purchasing 2 Google Chromebook Laptops to go install in the Village as the beginning of a Learning Center. Your contributions will help us with 2 Chromebook Laptops, bringing the clothings that are "Coming From America" & help us buy an Airplane Ticket for a Videographer who will be on this journey with us to capture each moment. It will help in securing our chance of making this vision a reality. This Video Project is only the Beginning. Sales from the "Coming From America" project will help start a foundation towards more trips & projects towards helping the less fortunate individuals throughout the world. What We Need & What You Get We need $3,000 to fund our project. 2 Chromebook Laptops for the Village, Clothing for young Kids & Flying a Video Guy with us to Kenya for Filming and Editing the African Portion of the Documentary. $15 You get to be named as a contributor to the project $25 You get a Poster & Name on the Project $35 You get a Poster, Name on the Project + Postcard From Kenya $50 You get to be Named on the Project + DVD + Poster $100 Name on the Project + Poster + DVD + "God Bless" Shirt $500 Name on the Project + Poster + DVD + "God Bless" Sweatshirt & Shirt $1,000 Name on the Project + Poster + DVD + "God Bless" Sweatshirt, Shirt & Hat If we don't reach the entire goal, the funds will go towards Purchasing a Chromebook Laptop & Delivering the collected clothing with us. The Impact "Coming From America" Is Valuable because we feel like anyone can make a difference and that's what we want to invoke with our video project. We Started a Clothing company called Thank You God Bless which has the main mission of Always Walking In Love. With this project, we are going a bit further and creating a project that falls in line with our shirts. We are leveraging our influence and realizing that we are all Blessed to be a Blessing to others. Even if they are in another part of the world. Other Ways You Can Help We Need all the Help we can get to make this project a Success. Please support us by 1st Donating what you can, and using the share tools and go to bat for us. Help us be a blessing to some people we have yet to meet. Share this project through your social networks, send out some emails and Thank you for your support. Copy This Website Link & Send it to all Your Contacts: