Fathers & Sons Breakfast February 27 2013, 0 Comments

This past weekend I had the pleasure of getting together with 11 amazing individuals. 5 Fathers and 6 Sons. 20130227-114902.jpg My fraternity brother had kept pushing me on an idea we both spoke about earlier last year. Getting our sons together to play and creating an atmosphere where us young Husbands and fathers could congregate and build with each other through this journey called life. I woke up early and linked up with Donell & his son Ky. We went to buy groceries for the breakfast. 20130227-114712.jpg We got together and Justin had already started making the waffles, eggs and bacon with his son Justin Jr. 20130227-115118.jpg Marcus was one of our newest members this month and came by with his son Noah. I have a funny story about how Marcus, 4 other friends and I got into a HUGE brawl at ASU vs 50 people at a party and won. But that's a story for our sons one day lol.20130227-114744.jpg   Allen & Little Allen came by and Got to the food Quick lol. 20130227-114927.jpg Travis & Tyce were also our newestmembers to our group this month. Tyce is the Youngest of the Sons at 8 months old. 20130227-115152.jpg The Wives came and raided our party for a little bit so we let them get some food but after that, we kindly escorted them out the door to the nearest malls, walmarts etc. 20130227-115216.jpg We had a great time, the boys had fun and the fathers got a chance to just talk good old guy talk and keep each other going strong for the next month. 20130227-114618.jpg 20130227-114818.jpg 20130227-115045.jpg 20130227-115134.jpg 20130227-115238.jpg 20130227-115253.jpg 20130227-115331.jpg 20130227-115350.jpg 20130227-115411.jpg 20130227-115453.jpg We are all happy for Travis and his upcoming wedding in late April. 3 of the sons will be having Birthdays in April, Ky, August and Little Justin. Pray for all our families and all the men out there who are involved or needs help getting involved in their children's lives. If you are a single lady and would like to have your sons or daughters father get involved with us, leave us a message on the post and we'll let you know of our future events. Follow our Instagram at @TyGbOnline Thank You & God Bless