R.I.P. Deshawn Milliken December 24 2012, 0 Comments

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEND AN ONLINE DONATION FOR DESHAWN MILLIKEN http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/in-memory-of-deshawn-d-mill-milliken/37921 Nappsack Photos, LLC: D Mill &emdash; D Mill-14 I Was Saddened this Morning to find out about the Death of a Good Friend from Seattle. R.I.P Deshawn Milliken Met you for the 1st Time when We Played for the Giants in Little League Baseball with Coach Harvey. Saw you and your Sister Grow up in Seattle and it was all Love. We were always on the Same Baseball Teams and Football as Well. I remember when you came to Garfield High and Started playing Running Back as a Freshman. I came to Arizona and we caught up again after you had went to school elsewhere. You always came and supported me at my parties and every time anyone from Seattle was in Phoenix they always told me how you had already gave them the word about supporting my events cause you were proud of your Seattle Homie doing his thing in Phoenix. The last time we played Football together was for the Rams the Year we won the Championships and you hurt your knee. Time does not go back. Literally Yesterday when I was going up the stairs holding my Son and my Knees were hurting and I was thinking about this upcoming season you came to my mind. I was wondering how you were doing because I hadn't seen you since then and how it was messed up that you hurt yourself that way. I really said in my head, I wonder how D-Mill is doing. Hopefully in someway that thought reached your spirit and your palms itched or whatever it is they say happens when someone is thinking about you. You were Loved by many and it's hurtful that someone took your life on Christmas Eve. I pray for Everlasting Healing to your family Today, Tomorrow and Future Holidays to come when you will be missed. I pray for strength for everyone who loved you to know that You made a Big Impact while you were on Earth as If you were in Heaven and not to feel a deep loss. You came and did exactly what you were meant to do. I am happy that our lives crossed paths my younger Brother.. I will hold on to your kind words whenever we talked and know that you truly had a Kind heart. May You Forever Rest In Peace Deshawn Milliken Thank You & God Bless your soul http://blogs.seattletimes.com/today/2012/12/1-killed-1-wounded-in-bar-shooting-in-bellevue/