Starting Your Day off the Right Way February 24 2012, 0 Comments

The morning is the most important time of the day. Why? - Because it can easily set the mood for the rest of your day! This is due to many reasons. One of the most significant is that it is much easier (scientifically, almost 25 times easier) to develop short term ideas that will last the entire day upon first waking up. When you first awaken, your mindis slowly leaving the delta state (low brain wave frequency), where it is most easily influenced by mental suggestion. In other words, your mind is most open - and what you put in it will stay in it - until at least the end of the day.That being said, it is absolutely critical that you start your day off on the "right side of the bed." Any negative thoughts you have will shape your subconscious for the entire day. We know you're busy in the morning and don't have time for therapeutic, two hour spa sessions when you're trying to get to work or class on time. Therefore, this list is as "grounded" as is possible, and you can start using it - now. 1. Initial Wakeup GET UP! FAST! When you wake up, get out of bed as fast as you can (without sending yourself into cardiac arrest, of course)! Waste no time in getting up. 2. Light The power of light is severely underestimated by most people. It has profound effects upon body chemistry and energy levels. You circadian rhythm (based on light levels) affects nearly all aspects of your physiology. Bright, natural light is ideal for bringing the most energy to all the body's systems. So, the sooner you turn on the lights or open the blinds, the sooner your body's systems will increase their energy levels. 3. Wake Up to a Clean Room This one may not seem that significant, but believe me - it is. Waking up to a clean, organized room has a positive first impression upon your mind. 4. Fresh Air Open the window. No matter what season it is. Open the windows even if it is just a crack. Your bedroom has sat stagnant all night, void of fresh air, especially if you leave your door closed. 5. Music Even if you are not musically motivated, music can shape your mornings. Turn on music as soon as you can after waking up. Make sure it is something positive and uplifting - as chances are it may become stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 6. Food Start your morning off with a full glass of water before you eat anything else - this is essential. Toxins have been ejected from tissue and line your throat and mouth (thus, morning-breath) and the last thing you want to do is to allow them to adhere to your breakfast. Drink a full glass of water -and give it ten minutes. If you have an empty stomach, the toxins will be flushed down, with no food to absorb them. Ten minutes later, you may eat your breakfast. The subject of a healthy breakfast is obviously a lengthy subject, but I'll be brief - DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. 7. Cold shower Take a cold shower. Yes, freezing cold is unbearable. You don't have to do it that way. Start it off hot. Then, after you're medium-toasty (not well-toasty... it will make you more tired), put it on cold for as long as you can take it. Then, put it on hot for a minute… then cold for a minute. Repeat the hot-cold cycle a few times - this will not only wake you up fast, but it will expand and contract your pores to force out toxins and oils from the night. 8. Self-Talk Self-Talk should be the most important part of any morning routine. In the morning, you need to load yourself with as much positive mental programming as possible. Your mind is most receptive to it in the morning (and at night), and it will shape the rest of your day. (AFFIRMATIONS)