Destiny Awaits for you to Obey God November 22 2011, 0 Comments

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- We must learn to GO towards our Destiny and ANY person who is MEANT to be in your life will Follow.

This past Saturday was my wifes 28th Birthday. At midnight on Friday I woke her up with a glass of Juice & some chocolate chip cookies I had baked while singing Happy Birthday to her. She woke up and smiled, ate her cookies and gave me a big hug. She was Happy. On our wedding day, my mother had gave us both a piece of advice that rang deep in our souls that we both promised each other to remember the lesson in that advice. In front of the elders and Rashawnda's mother she said. "Marriage will bring you many tests. Some good, some bad. Most will do with finances while you're still young and gaining establishment. Don't let the stress of not having put a strain on your relationship. As long as you have a roof over your head and the two of you love each other, be willing to enjoy a Soda and some cake if its your only meal as if its a feast for kings. Because it is your happiness together during these times that will keep you going strong for one another." So when I brought the cookies and soda for her at midnight and made a joke about that advice we received, we both had a good laugh about it because we had each other, a roof, soda and a meal fit for Kings... :)

Earlier in the week I remember feeling a little stressed because everything was coming up all at once and I wanted to show my wife how much I appreciated her on her Bday. Sharing one car has had its limitations and ive had to find creative new ways of getting around as to not burden my family with my busy schedule. Especially with our new Kiosk opening up at the mall, my football practices, work and my commitment to church has spread me thin to say the least as far as being everywhere I need to be. One day last week after some prayers in the morning I shared with my wife the frustrations I had been putting on myself. After our discussion I told her that I just wasn't going to let it put a damper on my spirits and that she will see me as a brand new man with many blessings to be thankful for.

It was just 2 years ago that I met my soon to be Mrs. I had just given up Alcohol and started walking towards a new path in life. I remember the feelings of seeing something different in this woman that I had not seen but could not quite put my finger on it. I had just left Alllll my old relationships with women, partying and just plain disobedience to God's word. So when I met her she met a Man that didn't drink Alcohol and was searching for God's love. She would spend times with me teaching me about the bible. Answering questions I had, praying for me and encouraging me to grow my relationship with God. I remember telling her about my talks with God and the visions he was showing me and she never looked at me as a weird guy but kept on praying with me. I remember asking her what she thought about being a ministers wife and she replied, "Good, because God told me I was going to marry a great man of God and that I will have a Women's Ministry to help advance the Gospel". Wowwwww... We both did not know at the time what was in store for our lives together. We were knocking on destinys door unaware of the journey that was set for us. We both had our pasts and were given fresh new starts by the grace of God.

As I started taking small steps towards my destiny I started seeing the people who were not meant for my life slowly disappear. As I continued taking larger steps towards my destiny I started seeing my soon to be wife grow closer to me. You see, something NEW will burst out when you get in a NEW environment and I now see why none of my relationships were lasting when I had Club Nights as my Master. The OLD you cannot keep up with the New You.

Remembering the New me, I woke up Saturday morning and made my wife some breakfast in Bed that she enjoyed. I then surprised her with 2 lovely gifts that made her smile all day and I know she loved them cause every phone call she had all I could hear her say was, "Girl, Stan got me the best present ever" :) lol... I was eavesdropping. Being that she's pregnant, we went out to eat for Dinner with a few family friends and then went to the movies to watch the New Justin Timberlake Movie. The day was perfect. I was able to put away all of my worries for the week and gave them to Jesus to handle. I was able to have a great day celebrating my lady's special day with her. We had each other, Love and a roof over our head to be thankful for.

I'm thankful for not being afraid to take steps towards my destiny because with obedience, I was able to find the life that was hidden for me in Christ.

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