God has my back October 21 2011, 0 Comments

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As I lay in bed watching Rod Parsley and Joseph Prince on TV I can't help but to think about how life has taken a drastic change for me. My Wife is sleeping right next to me and everyday before I go to bed I just look at her and whisper "I Love You" before I fall asleep.. Her belly is growing and it finally hit me yesterday as I saw her baby bump actually start showing to me. I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER...

Wow... Just 3 years ago I remember telling my close friends about my desire to change my life around. I constantly talked about it but I don't think anyone even cared to hear me out. Life was getting out of hand for me. Once I realized my potential for feeling like it would be okay to bring violence to another person for "Messing with my money" I knew that I was on another level. I'm sure that now if you were to ask any of my friends, everything will start making sense as to how I was acting back then.

This past week I Started a new Job and Lost my Wallet right before my state fair booth opened up so I had no access to any money for the weekend. When I found out about my Wallet last Thursday morning, I decided to leave it up to God. I prayed about it on my way to work and just looked at it as the Devil trying to evoke some type of emotion out of me. I don't even think I prayed about it again after that, I just went about my day and weekend like I normally would have. I did not worry about anyone maxing out my cards or murmured about how inconvenient this would be since the state fair was starting the next day.

We started the state fair on Friday and did well.. On Saturday my Wife and I went to my frat brother Justin Kelley and his wife Corazon's wedding. We decided to enjoy their day with them and not worry about no access to money. I got a chance to hang out with my lil nephews Soul & Pei and just enjoyed the day with my Wife. We returned to the state fair to find out that we had No sales for the day. I wanted to start worrying about how I was gonna pay my workers but I remembered again, The Devil is still trying to get my emotions involved. Sundays sales were not great either. I ended up going to church that night and had a great worship service. I kept hearing -Men ought to Always pray- through the Good times and even through the bad times.

I went to work like usual this past Monday, went to Bible Study on Tuesday and helped pray for a Man who literally came in Off the streets and was under some type of narcotic influence. His belly hurting during the alter call and I layed hands on him during the alter call for prayers.. he felt better and I was amazed.

On Wednesday as I was coming home, I received a text message from my Wife telling me that my Wallet eventually got returned and was at home on the table. I gave a huge praise upon the news and was very thankful.. my money was still in it and nothing had been taken.

But that's not all, My job had a raffle yesterday for some cool prizes.. when I got to work this morning, I received an email that said I had Won a prize :)


All I could say to my co workers about the change of events was that God Is Good and that I'm highly favored.

Even though my sales at the fair are not where I'd like them to be, I'm still thankful to God for all that he has and continues to give me. I have a Life Now that was Hidden for me until I found Christ. A loving Wife, Health, Happiness, and our 1st child on the way. I am blessed.

Through our daily walks there will be obstacles whether big or small that the Enemy will try to throw our way to get us out of our love. We must continue to have faith that God has our back and works in his own mysterious ways.. I am more than convinced through my own walks that God is Real and he watches over me.

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