Lord, I Need Your Help October 05 2011, 0 Comments

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During my transition back to Christ I had a LOT of TIME to myself. I spent many of those moments feeling alone.. I had left the Clubs, The Women's, The Drinking and Smoking..

I was determined to Find my purpose in this life and wanted to let God use me as he's used all the Great men in the Bible and throughout history..

I couldn't quite figure out if I made the right decision. I mean, everyone I used to be around that used to say they Loved God were nowhere in sight.. I had a phone with over 1500 phone numbers in it with not 1 person I felt I could call that had my back or supported my decision to Follow Christ. Every friend I invited to come with me to church or bible study gave me every excuse I could ever imagine. So many more told me they would visit yet never came. I was hurt.

The people I spent allllll of my time with seemed to not want anything to do with me. I had nowhere or no one to talk to when I had issues with my girl. No one to talk to when someone was hating on me. No one to call when I was having family issues. No one I could call a friend like I used to call them.

But then I remembered a prayer that I had prayed when I first got saved. I had prayed for God to keep the people who were going to be a distraction to me during my walk Away from me. I had prayed for God to send me encouragers who would keep me growing stronger towards my anointing.

I realized that I was receiving what I had prayed for. God was protecting my walk and my heart for he knew the plans he had for me. I then realized that everything that I was looking for in friends and man I could find in God. This period of time drew me closer to the comfort of knowing that God's promises are real and there was nothing that man could do to comfort me that God couldn't..

I remember waking up and at any time I'd feel alone, I'd start praying wherever I was and that time was usually in my car driving to work. Whether I had just had a big fight with my fiance or lost money with our family business, I would pray in the spirit.. I found this song by Deitrick Haddon that helped me get through those feelings.. I would blast this song on my ride to work, sing along with it, pray with it on and I would feel the burdens lifting off of me. The tears would go back and I would grow stronger when I let God know that I NEEDED HIS HELP. by the time I got to work after playing this song on repeat, I was able to perform at top level like nothing had happened. I was able to draw on God's power to not let the Devil steal my joy and anointing by planting seeds of loneliness in me.

Thank you Jesus for all the strength you continue to give me daily to walk in your spirit and for the Gifts you have given me to advance your Kingdom.  #ThankYouGodBless



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