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My Name is Otieno. I was Born in Kisumu Kenya. At a very early age, I witnessed poverty & hardship growing up in Kisumu. Living in a “third world country” doesn’t afford you quite the same luxuries of a typical American childhood. From sad memories of living in a village with no running water & electricity to the better ones like my 1st Christmas being enjoyed just Eating Cake & Drinking Orange Fanta (my favorite) with my Mom & Dad. In 1988 by the grace of God, my family was sponsored to come live in America with our father through donations collected by a church in Seattle Washington.  I was 8 years old when I told my cousins that I will see them again.. That was the last time i ever saw Kenya and my extended family. 

My story is a long journey of Faith, Trials and Tribulation, Party, Party, Party, Loss, Depression, Redemption and a Return back to Christ. Ty & GB Clothing was a vision I was given to start a Positive Christian based T-shirt & Website to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At first I was scared; Very Scared. Growing up as a Ministers son in Seattle was tough for me as a youth. So the first chance I got to leave the watchful eyes of the church, I took it and left to study Computer Engineering at Arizona State University. This is just a Quick Glimpse of my story that I was given to testify so that others who are going through what I went through may be able to follow the path which leads back to Christ & God's Kingdom. As you read this, I want you to know that I am taking my steps out on faith and not letting excuses stop me from doing what I am able to do. So Keep coming back to the Website as I write my story and continue to Walk in Love.

- More to Come

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- Otieno